Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sickness

I am oh-so-grateful that this pregnancy has been nothing like my first pregnancy.  I lost count of the times I lost my lunch (breakfast, dinner...).

Here is a long list of tips that helped me (and my friends Melissa and Melissa, who had an even harder time during their pregnancies) tame nausea/morning sickness: 

-eat smaller meals, more often, especially right before bed, immediately in the morning
-don't get too full, or too hungry
-sparkling water (La Croix/HEB) or Topo Chico
-learn triggers (for me it was citrus and acidic foods)
-use lavender essential oil to smell, if sensitive to smells
-ginger/peppermint tea
-switch to cinnamon toothpaste (not sure why but it helps)
-Claritin (sometimes)
-cinnamon gum, mints, lemon drops, etc. stuff to suck on (tons left to share)
-candy (like skittles or starbursts)
-saltine crackers
-ginger in any form (candied ginger in cookies, ginger ale)
-motion sickness bands, "psi bands"
-Vit. B6 with Unisom
-Phenergan or Zofran
-sipping ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade through a straw
-frozen lemon bars from the grocery store
-morning sickness magic (it's an all natural capsule that you take 4 times a day - it's a mixture of vitamin b6, folic acid and ginger)
-ginger root capsules

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picture Pages: Monday Is One Day

Monday is One Day 
Know any working parents?  Of course, we do!  This is the perfect book for families with working parents, reminding us to enjoy the special routines we share that get us through the work week. 

In February, I attended my very first Austin SCBWI conference and had an awesome opportunity to meet the author, Arthur Levine, and illustrator, Julian Hector, of Monday is One Day.  It was so special to hear how the idea of the story originated, a story which so many of us busy, loving, working parents can relate.  Arthur Levine was a brand new dad, enjoying the first few months with his newborn son, when he started to dread his return to working full-time (as a book editor).  Out of that experience culminated a lovely book for both parents and children, to ease the transition from weekend-together-time to back-to-grind weekdays.  

The bright illustrations show every day families connecting in their own familiar ways.   I imagine that this book might help adults process time away from their children, just as much (if not more?) as it would help children get through Monday through Friday.  A great addition to any little library!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thermometers, Thermometers, Thermometers

I am in love with the Exergen Thermometer.  It makes taking temperatures, way too easy and fun (with a simple, quiet forehead scan).  It's around $30 (I found ours at Target).  It was even quiet enough to scan my daughter's head while she slept!
Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer
I had initially bought the Mobi Thermometer.  My daughter loved how it loudly stated her temperature.  It notoriously gave a wide a range of temperatures, but when it said that my daughter's temperature was 102 in one ear, 104 in the other ear and 108 on her forehead, I decided it was time to say goodbye to this ridicuously inaccurate device. 


'Tis the season for runny noses!  I thought I'd share my favorite tools for dealing with the snotty noses, colds, sinus infections, allergies that abound this time of year.
Simply Saline Baby Nasal Mist, 2-Ounce 

I have a strange love for nasal irrigation myself (life-changing for me!) and so naturally, I was thrilled to find the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Mist.  I highly recommend making up a song and dance to go with the nasal spray action (i.e. bo-po-dee-doo-*spray* and repeat on other nostril).  I also highly recommend spraying nose in between bouts of allergies and colds so that your child doesn't forget how fun it is to have their nose sprayed (and refuses to allow you to do so when you really need to!).  Although I haven't tried it, I'm sure that Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops are great too.

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator 
 I know this next one will sound completely disgusting, but I assure you it's only a little bit disgusting.  The Nose Frida is much like the traditional nose bulb that is used to suck boogers out, except it is much more advanced because you actually put the red end of the tube in your mouth and literally suck the boogers out of your child's nose.  Worried about boogers finding their way into your mouth?  Rest assured, there is a sponge that prevents that from happening (and even if the sponge wasn't there, it seems like a difficult feat to do).  When there are boogers in there, the Nose Frida will be your best friend.   
Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes-Original Scent - Set of 3 (90 Wipes Total)
I have heard from more than one mother about the awesomeness of Boogie Wipes.  Regular wipes appear to sting and irritate their chapped noses.  This is the way to go!

When my daughter requires a humidifier, I like to put a few drops of eucalpytus oil where the air comes out (not in the water).  It seems to help her breathe a little easier and it smells good too. 

We have also tried California Baby's Bubble Bath- Colds & Flu.  The aromatherapy is perfect for those congested noses. 

Stay healthy, my friends!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture Pages: Of Thee I Sing

I picked up Barack Obama's newest book this week, Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters.  It is an exquisite children's book, filled with gorgeous illustrations (which our President did not do, Loren Long did) and inspiring messages to his daughters interspersed with incredible stories in American history.  This book is a lovely gift or the perfect addition to your own library.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't know what I would do without my babywearing gear!   Especially during those first few months when my darling daughter would only take long naps when I was holding her.  My favorite is the Baby K'Tan- it's really comfortable, affordable ($45 and up), washable and easy to throw on (I could even put it on and put my daughter in it without putting her down).  It's like the Moby, but without the complicated twists, ties, and adjustments. 

The Ergo is awesome too- it's what I use now (because I've loaned out my Baby K'Tan!).   I wish we would have saved our $100 on this beautifully embroidered sling by Serena & Lily and bought Mini Boden clothes instead!  We had a hand-me-down Baby Bjorn that my husband wears.  If you're interested in a Baby Bjorn, hit the resale shops. 

Here's a link to the benefits of babywearing.

Baby K'Tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small

Saturday, October 23, 2010


In the first few weeks following my daughter's birth, I had my share of "snarts."  Sure, sure- it is mostly funny, and only a little bit embarrassing when it is in front of your mother or husband.  However, I was petrified that this would become a public thing and had already begun practicing how I'd laugh this off in front of my friends (or would it just be easier to become a recluse?).  It seemed that the R&R, sitz baths, Tuck's pads, "maxsicles," and kegels were helping, but just not enough.  Then, I read this practically-life-changing blog post from Mama Sweat about incorporating exercises for your glutes.  Voila!  It was like magic!  Snarts-be-gone.